The Mat Med Cards are double-sided 3”x 5” flashcards presenting the essentials of materia medica in a user friendly format. There are two packs, each comprising 60 remedy cards with an A-Z divider for storage and easy reference.
Pack 1 covers major polychrests + commonly used acute remedies
Pack 2 covers major polychrests, traditional nosodes, mineral families + acute remedies

The packs can be bought individually or as a pair. In order to help students spread the cost, remedies which tend to be taught earlier on are in pack 1 and those taught later in the course are in pack 2. There is no duplication of remedies, so both packs together cover a total of 120 different remedies.

The cards work either as individual packs or as a set. Once you own both packs they can be merged together to fit in a single box if you wish, and the contents cards reversed to show the new  alphabetical sequence.



‘If you are studying
homeopathy, this is a pretty essential purchase.’

Homeopathy International,
Journal of the Homeopathic Medical Association UK (Winter 07)

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