MatMedCards by Rachel Roberts

Published by Integrated Homeopathic Training
Pack 1 RRP 35.00 GBP ISBN 978-0-9555882-0-4
Pack 2 RRP 35.00 GBP ISBN 978-0-9555882-1-1
Available online

Homeopathy International, Winter 2007 p.37

After two long years of writing and two months of production Rachel Roberts has finally managed to publish her ‘MatMedCards’.

For the last 8 years this project has been close to Rachel’s heart and she has been teaching Materia Medica during that time.

The MatMedCards are double sided 3” x 5” flashcards presenting the essentials of materia medica in a user friendly format. There are two packs, each comprising 60 remedy cards with an A-Z divider for storage and easy reference.

Pack 1 covers major polycrests + commonly used acute remedies.
Pack 2 covers major polycrests, traditional nosodes, mineral families + acute remedies.

The cards provide the most important features of each remedy’s picture in a clear and concise format.

If you are studying homeopathy, this is a pretty essential purchase. Chances are that you’ll be producing your own flash-cards, but why bother when they’re all done here for you and with plenty of information. They are a great form of a teaching aid. No doubt about it – these cards have enriched my learning experience. They’re nicely presented and printed on good quality lasting card.

I think that these cards are an important tool and will be extremely beneficial to students and experienced practitioners.