Welcome to Integrated Homeopathic Training

Integrated Homeopathic Training was founded by Rachel Roberts RSHom in 2003 as a way of bringing together her various business activities under one roof. Since qualifying as a professional homeopath in 1997, Rachel’s work has evolved and diversified in several directions, with activities such as lecturing, writing and product design being added to her central role as a practicing homeopath.

Rachel’s particular strength is the ability to integrate homeopathic and conventional medical knowledge both in her teaching and clinical practice. The company name was chosen to reflect this important influence in her work and her belief in an integrated approach to healthcare.

In April 2007 we were proud to launch the Mat Med Cards – an exciting new product for homeopaths which brings long-needed clarity to the world of materia medica.

In June 2008 Rachel accepted the part-time position of Research Consultant for the Society of Homeopaths.

Homeopaths and Homeopathic Students
As you explore this site you will be able to buy homeopathic products, find out where Rachel is teaching, enquire about supervision or tutorials, and find links to other important homeopathic sites.